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Ajay Mehta

Bringing 16 years of Real Estate experience and a shelf full of real estate awards, Ajay Mehta has joined the team at One Agency Kippax. Real Estate is not just a job for Ajay, but a calling. He loves what he does every day – not just turning properties around quickly but getting you the best price. He’ll happily tell you the story of his greatest compliment, when a vendor told him: ‘I’ll never buy from you, but I’ll always sell through you. You negotiate too hard’.
Ajay will work seven days a week get your home in front of the right buyers, and negotiate the way to the best sale price – after all, there’s no point selling your home to the first buyer if the second buyer is willing to pay more!
Pick up the phone and call Ajay and just have a chat, about anything really.

Ajay Mehta
Mobile: 0414 685 011
Phone: (02) 6152 8374

Telephone : (02) 6152 8374

Office Address
PO Box 313, Holt, ACT 2615, Australia